Confirmed Invited Speakers

So far, the list of confirmed invited speakers in each symposium is as follow

Christian Detellier Memorial Symposium (NMR)

Rob Schurko (Florida State University)

Len Mueller (University of California at Riverside)

Andreas Brinkmann (National Research Council Canada)

Shubha Gunaga (University of Ottawa)

Scott Kroeker (University of Manitoba)

Gillian Goward (McMaster University)

Yining Huang (Western University)

Cory Widdlefield (University of Regina)

Rod Wasylishen (University of Alberta)

David Rovnyak (Bucknell University)

Lukas Bauder (Queen’s University)

Agricultural and food safety

Jenny Nelson (Agilent Technologies)

Kelly LeBlanc (National Research Council Canada) “Distribution of Selenium-Containing Metabolites in Selenized Mushrooms”

Electrochemistry and Surface Analysis

Dominic Bresser (Helmholtz Institute Ulm / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) "Towards a Better Understanding of Lithium Polymer Interfaces for High-Energy Batteries"

Zhifeng Ding (The University of Western Ontario) "Absolute Electrochemiluminescence Quantum Efficiency of Metal Nanoclusters"

Environmental Analysis

Lianna Smith and Tom Al (University of Ottawa)

Historical Interludes of Analytical Sciences and Spectroscopy

Ralph Sturgeon (Emeritus, National Research Council Canada) “Progress in Vapour Generation for Sample Introduction over the Past 40 Years”

Ramon Barnes (Emeritus, University of Massachusetts) “Early Years of Inductively-Coupled Plasma Development”

Milan Ihnat (Retired, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) "Scientific Literature Collection in Analytical and Spectroscopic Chemistry

George Neville (Retired, Health Canada; former President of CSASS) "Repiository for Scientific Memoirs - Library and Archieves Canada" AND "Publication Reprints - Loss of Scientific Herritage with Digital Distribution"

Innovations from Manufacturers

Bob Lockerman (CEM Corporation) “Fast, Automated Microwave Digestion of Various Food Samples for Trace Metals Analysis”

Sample introduction systems for the inductively coupled plasma

Yoshitaka Takagai (Fukushima University) “Dual port chamber for the functional analysis in ICP-MS”

Zhen-Li Zhu (China University of Geosciences)

Sample Preparation for Spectrometry

Jefferson Santos de Gois (Rio de Janeiro State University) “New Materials Applied for Preconcentration Methods”

Enea Pagliano (National Research Council Canada)“Use of trialkyloxonium salts as derivatizing agents for gas chromatography mass spectrometry"

C. Derrick Quarles Jr. (Elemental Scientific)

Separations / Mass Spectrometry

Steffany Bennett (University of Ottawa)

Christoph Borchers, Dr (McGill University)

Philip Britz-Mckibbin (McMaster University)

Pierre Chaurand (University of Montreal)

Miroslava Cuperlovic-Culf (National Research Council Canada)

Alan Doucette (Dalhousie University)

David Goodlett (University of Victoria)

Jesse Greener (University of Laval)

Sergey N. Krylov (York University)

Edward Lai (Carleton University)

Mathieu Lavallee (University of Ottawa)

Jianjun Li (National Research Council Canada)

Oleg Mayboroda (Liden University Medical Center, The Netherlands)

Douglas MacKenzie (National Research Council Canada)

Dajana Vuckovic (Concordia University)

Karen Waldron (University of Montreal)

Derek J Wilson (York University)

Ken Yeung (University of Western Ontario)

Hongquan Zhang (University of Alberta)

Speciation Analysis

Iris Koch (Royal Military College of Canada)

C. Derrick Quarles Jr. (Elemental Scientific)

Andre Castillo (Queen’s University)

Aaron Hineman (PerkinElmer)