66th ICASS

Type the abstract as follows:

· Use 12 PT Times New Roman font.

· Type the title of the presentation in UPPERCASE LETTERS, immediately followed by the name of the authors, and their affiliation.

· Boldface the name of the presenting author.

· Leave a blank line.

· Type the body of the abstract: 200 words maximum, including references (see the example below).

· E-mail the abstract to: diane.beauchemin@queensu.ca (copy the session organizer if you were invited)by April 24th, 2024.

HOW TO PREPARE AN ABSTRACT FOR THE 66th ICASS. Diane Beauchemin, Queen’s University, Department of Chemistry, 90 Bader Lane, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6, Canada. (diane.beauchemin@queensu.ca)

Sticking to the above format will allow two abstracts per page in the book of abstracts. This should provide enough information for 66th ICASS participants to decide on which presentations to attend when parallel sessions are held. To this end, please briefly explain the motivation for the work to be presented along with the strategy that was used and some key results. In the case of review presentations, list the main topics to be covered along with the rationale for focusing on a given subject. In all cases, please avoid figures. References may be included if essential. To add a reference [1], please leave a blank line after the abstract and then type the reference. This example abstract has 142 words. You can use up to 200 words.

[1] Initial Last name of each authors, Journal abbreviation volume (year) first page-last page.