26-28 July 2023

If you would like to organize a session, please contact the Conference Chair ( with the proposed topic. A 25% discount on the registration fee is offered per half-day session. The following symposia are being organized:

Christian Detellier Memorial Symposium (NMR)
Organizer: Gang Wu (Queen's University)

Agricultural and Food Safety
Organizers: Andre Castillo and Diane Beauchemin (Queen’s University)

Analytical Chemistry and Prediction for Flow Systems
Organizer: Jesse Greener (Université Laval)

Electrochemistry and Surface Analysis
Organizer: Sanela Martic (Trent University)

Environmental Analysis
Organizer: Iris Koch (Royal Military College of Canada)

Forensic Analysis
Organizers: Katie Moghadam and Diane Beauchemin (Queen’s University)

Historical Flashbacks in Spectroscopy
Organizer: George Neville (Retired Research Scientist and Previous CSASS President)

Innovations from Manufacturers
Organizer: Kelly LeBlanc (National Research Council Canada)

Nanomaterials and their Analysis
Organizers: Zichao Zhou and Diane Beauchemin (Queen’s University)

Sample Introduction Systems for the Inductively Coupled Plasma
Organizers: Michael Trolio and Diane Beauchemin (Queen’s University)

Sample Preparation for Spectrometry
Organizer: Kelly LeBlanc (National Research Council Canada)

Separations/Mass Spectrometry
Organizers: Maxim Berezovski (University of Ottawa) and Andrei Drabovich (University of Alberta)

Speciation Analysis
Organizers: Helen Lord and Diane Beauchemin (Queen’s University)