Confirmed Invited Speakers

So far, the list of confirmed invited speakers in each symposium is as follows:

Agricultural and food safety

* Barbro Kollander, National Food Agency, Sweden: “Tools to ensure safe food also in the future – analytical methods, surveys, biomonitoring and communication; with examples on heavy metals and speciation of arsenic”

Nanomaterials and their analysis

* Ed Lai, Carleton University, Canada: “Electrochemical analysis of single metal oxide nanoparticles and their interaction with biochemicals towards sensor development”

Speciation analysis

* Barbro Kollander, National Food Agency, Sweden: “What goes in not necessarily comes out – biomonitoring of arsenic species in urine”

* Mesay Wolle, Food and Drug Administration, USA: “Speciation analysis of arsenic in seafood and seaweed – method development to application in survey studies”